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A Masterclass in Film Writing

By Joseph E. Green on May 12, 2017


A wonderful survey for any student of film history, TWO CHEERS FOR HOLLYWOOD features essays, visits to Hollywood sets, and interviews with the likes of François Truffaut, Peter O’Toole, John Ford, George Stevens, and far too many others to to list. Who referred to JURASSIC PARK as “the greatest film Ray Harryhausen never made?” Why is it that the name Victor Fleming isn’t more commonly known? All he did was direct THE WIZARD OF OZ and GONE WITH THE WIND, with both being released the same year! Did you know that George Cukor was a fan of the Paul Morrissey/Andy Warhol film FLESH? Me neither. It’s all in the book. Well-written and filled with insights, this book is a must.


The best book ever by one of our greatest writers on film.

By Jim Hemphill on May 13, 2017


Joseph McBride opens his latest and best (which, given the fact that he’s authored two or three of the most essential volumes of film history ever written, is really saying something) book with an insightful, entertaining, and almost unbearably poignant rumination on where movies have been, where they are, and where they’re going. What follows is quite simply an indispensable collection of the best writing on film you’re ever going to find, a work that belongs on the shelf alongside the best of Peter Bogdanovich, Andrew Sarris, and Jonathan Rosenbaum. It’s as generous a tome as you’re ever likely to find, a huge book with illuminating observations on every page, beautifully expressed and infectious in their enthusiasm. I can’t think of any other film book that’s as broad AND deep. Masterful and vital, now more than ever.